About Us

Our History



Mama Toscano’s originally started as Toscano’s Market. It was a local grocery store providing the Italian community with fresh cut meats, lunch meats, cheeses and canned goods. Our building has been in the Toscano family for over 90 years. It was decided to make “Nana Kates ravioli”. Nana Kate started making ravioli upstairs in her kitchen when the demand for her ravioli was so great they had to move the operations downstairs and hire people to help make her ravioli and that is still how we continue to make the ravioli today.

Nick and Patty took over the Toscano’s family business in 1998. Nick worked for his parents for over 25 years and was more than ready to carry on the family tradition of making our HANDMADE RAVIOLI.

We at Mama Toscano’s make our ravioli by hand. It is a three day process beginning with butchering, cooking, grinding and mixing the meat with our other ingredients and making our famous dough that makes Mama Toscano’s Ravioli so tender. Machine made ravioli have very thick and tough dough and it must be in order for the dough to go thru the manufacturing machines. The meat in the center is very little “mostly dough”. Mama Toscano’s is 90% meat we refer to them as little pillows.

As the ravioli are being made there is a large pot of sauce cooking and the aroma throughout the store is what all our customers comment on when they come in.