5lb Handmade Toasted Ravioli


Save money by ordering the 5 lb. box! More ravioli for the price over the 1lb box.

MaMa Toscano’s make our ravioli by hand. It is a three day process beginning with butchering, cooking, grinding and mixing the meat with our other ingredients and making our famous dough that makes MaMa Toscano’s Ravioli so tender. MaMa Toscano’s raviolis are 90% meat we refer to them as little pillows.

These breaded raviolis are perfect for frying to make that St. Louis favorite Toasted Ravioli

It is recommended that you include 2 large (32oz) sauces for our 5 lb box of raviolis.

Due to the nature of the Ravioli a shipping cooler charge will be added to your cost at check out. This is determined by the number of items purchased and how many coolers will be needed to pack the product and ice packs.

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  • Product: 5lb toasted ravioli
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Made by: Mama Toscano

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